Lead Generation

Targeting LeadsLead generation is the generation of consumer interest for your products or services offered. We have been providing leads since 2008 and consider ourselves experts in lead generation. Our leads are of high quality, therefore the conversion rates are relatively high.

Affiliate marketing (element of lead generation) is when we invest in the marketing of your products or services (at our cost), and you merely pay us for the leads or sales that we provide.

We used to sell products for a commission and succeeded in very competitive industries & countries. We have sold many products online (satellite tv, shoes, dating sites, posters, games, diet pills, enlargement pills, and even sold meat), and achieved very good conversion rates. We have marketed overseas in the USA (and many different states within), Germany, Australia, Canada, France Holland, Poland, China etc.

Our lead generation strategies are aimed at influencing consumer behaviour along the path to purchase. 

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